LA to San Francisco – Part 3:

Start Point: Plaskett Creek Campground End Point: Pebble Beach Approximate Total Miles: 75Check out the rest of the trip here! Day 3 was a big day. Big mountains, big puppies, and big challenges. I woke up and had another chat with Alex. We discussed the challenges ahead since we were traveling in opposite directions. WithContinue reading “LA to San Francisco – Part 3:”

LA to San Francisco – Part 2:

Start Point: Pismo Beach End Point: Plaskett Creek Campground Approximate Total Miles: 90Check out the rest of the trip here! I woke up early on day two a bit tired and sore, but eager to continue my journey. Not knowing what I was doing, I jumped on my bike and headed to a nearby bagelContinue reading “LA to San Francisco – Part 2:”

LA to San Francisco – Part 1:

Start Point: A hotel in Santa Barbara End Point: Pismo Beach Approximate Total Miles: 120Check out the rest of the trip here! In August of 2015 I took my first vacation as an adult, I took my first solo trip, and I saw my maternal grandfather for the last time. After years of racing triathlonContinue reading “LA to San Francisco – Part 1:”