Meet the Travelers!

Hi! We are Meredith and Dave; two endurance junkies turned adventurers. This blog has been a dream of ours ever since we started traveling. We love to look back on our trips, re-live the memories, and reminisce on the amazing places we have been. We hope you will enjoy following along on our adventures as much as we enjoy writing about them!

If you’re living in the US like we are, you are probably experiencing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cancelled trips, missing friends, working from your couch, and a whole host of other extraordinary circumstances. You might be wondering, why start a travel blog when you aren’t allowed to travel? Well… you might say we aren’t the average couple, so why not?? As our facebook memories come up every day, Meredith and I often wax poetic about our old trips and the trips we have yet to take. We have never written down a fully realized diary of what we have done and seen. We of course have the usual instagram and facebook posts, but those are only little snapshots of what we experienced. This blog will serve as that space for us to write down and explore our experiences as they happen.

Since we aren’t traveling at the moment, this blog will start with our old trips! From New Zealand to Scotland and back again, we have visited some incredible places and had some amazing times. We hope you’ll enjoy revisiting our old travels as much as we do. Hopefully it can serve us all as a break from quarantine and remembrance of happier times.


Published by Dave and Meredith

Two endurance junkies turned adventure travelers. Come on a trip with us!

One thought on “Meet the Travelers!

  1. David and Meredith, we, your Az cousins, are enjoying your blog so far and look forward to more of your adventures. We also love travel and hope to continue our adventures post pandemic. Carry on!
    Nancijoy and Norman


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